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WaveSpin™ Systemby XXX-Stream Tackle, Inc.
WaveCast Reel
Zero Line Tangles! LONGER CASTS.Great for Monofilament or Braided Lines.

WaveCast Generation 2.0
Doug Hannon WaveSpin™ Reel
U.S. Patent No: 7,300,012

DH4000 & DH5000
are now AVAILABLE!

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WaveSpin System - "Catch the Wave"
Revolutionizes Spin Fishing

Doug Hannon the Bass Professor 

2008 Field & Stream Best of Best AwardTackle Tour Innovation Award

Chosen by "FLW Outdoors"
as Best of The Best in Value - Nov./Dec. 2008

"WaveSpin™...the first significant improvement in spinning reel design in more than 50's virtually impossible for the line to bird's nest during a cast." "Outdoor Life" Dec./Jan. - 2007/2008

"My new spinning reel is simply the best-performing reel that you will ever own. The WaveSpin™ eliminates tangles, snatchback and "birdnests" common with all other spinning reels."

Whether you fish freshwater or saltwater, use mono or super-braid lines, you'll have more time to catch fish because you'll no longer have to spend the time and frustration untangling line on your spools.

With my WaveSpin™ reel, you'll have the ability to cast up to 30% farther than traditional spinning reels due to low friction as the line comes off the spool. And since it does not offload loops, it can be filled to a higher capacity, guaranteeing even longer casts.

Doug Hannon Signature
The Bass Professor

Official Reels of the Walt Disney World Guided Fishing Excursions Guided Fishing Excursions

Exclusive 2 year WarrantyIn introducing Doug's new spinning reel design, his "WaveSpin System™" not only looks different from any other reel, but also performs like no other reel. The WaveSpin™ reel completely eliminates the common possibility of a loop in the spool that leads to tangled line, and it is estimated that more than 10% of spinning casts form a loop that most times lead to a tangled spool and "birdnest' snarls. Doug's WaveSpin™ reel is specifically designed to work equally well with both mono and super-braid lines.

The unique, patented "wave" design works by allowing the line to skip from peak to peak on each "wave" on the spool. Loops lie harmlessly down between the waves and never engage the line during the casts, completely eliminating snatchback and birdnests.


Hannon's WaveSpin™ does not allow a loop to flow backward onto the spool, keeping it secure and tight against the spool face until it leaves, unnoticed, in normal sequence of the cast.

As all anglers know, tangled spools result in major frustration, wasted time untangling line and re-tying lures, and more money spent on replacement line. And of course time spent untangling and re-tying is time not spent catching fish!

Another major benefit of Doug Hannon's WaveSpin reel is the ability to cast up to 30% farther than traditional spinning reels. This is accomplished because peak-to-peak minimal spool contact produces virtually no friction as the line comes off the spool. Since it does not offload loops, the WaveSpin™ spool can also be filled to a higher capacity, guaranteeing even longer casts.

Doug HannonDoug Hannon™, a world renowned angler known as "The Bass Professor™, " is the inventor of the weedless trolling motor propellor, which revolutionalized the trolling motor industry. Hannon is an award-winning author and photographer, has had hundreds of articles published in outdoor magazines, and has appeared on an internationally syndicated TV show for more than 15 years.

With a record of more than 800 bass over 10 pounds, he is considered by many as the world's greatest authority on bass fishing. Hannon's new WaveSpin™ System represents the first significant improvement in spinning reel design in more than 50 years. His WaveSpin reel will forever change and improve the sport of fishing in both fresh and saltwater.


©2007 Doug Hannon. All rights reserved.

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